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I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on

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Who do you want to win the war? Palestine or the Zionist Jews?


I am in no way educated enough on Gaza, Palestine and Israel to be an authority on this subject at all, but I’ll give an opinion anyway seeing as you asked. 

All I know is that what is happening in Gaza right now is absolutely terrifying. The massive destruction being brought down on innocent civilians is horrific, Gaza is just being obliterated and no one seems willing to do anything about it - in fact some people, for some reason, view it as alright. While certain countries and governments may be comfortable with the excuses of ‘they shot first’, ‘we’re just after the terrorists’ or even ‘we’re defending ourselves’, there is no way this large of an indiscriminate assault is in any way justifiable. 

And there is no way Israel is ‘defending itself’ by murdering 1359 innocent civilians. 

The argument I keep hearing is that Hamas wants to destroy Israel, and that is somehow the justification of such an all out, and  - again - indiscriminate attack on Gaza… well it seems clear that Israel is perfectly comfortable destroying Palestine, because lets face it - there’s not much left. 

I also feel like people should be reminded that the reason for Hamas’ attacks was the fact that Gaza was being strangled economically by the border restrictions placed on them by Israel. It wasn’t an unprovoked attack, it was the result of segregation and oppression. And while I’m not about to agree with Hamas’ tactics in the slightest, the all out assault on Gaza means a lot of Palestinians are becoming more and more supportive of Hamas because they are all they have to protect them. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter - and I think this situation in Gaza is the perfect example of this.

So yeah, I’m not going to take sides on who rightfully should be occupying this land, what I am going to say is what is happening to the Palestinians is abhorrent and the fact people think Israel is justified in resorting to genocide (because lets call it what it is), is just downright unbelievable. 



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